Friday, July 18, 2014

About Me: Adrienne Putrow - Region 8 Relationship Manager

Adrienne Putrow
Alpha Factor Relationship Manager
Region 8
I was a mediocre gymnast. Headstrong and opinionated, I did things my own way. I lacked that certain “coachability” and single-minded drive that most, if not all accomplished gymnasts possess. But from the moment I first stepped into the gym at 4 years old I fell in love. Since then, I have always in some way or another been involved with the sport of gymnastics.

Growing up I was proud to call myself a gymnast. I loved being able to back handspring on the playground and impress the kids in gym class with the amount of pull-ups I could do. I loved deciding what leo I would wear to practice each day, standing in front of the mirror, my arms extended in “high V” pretending I was saluting the judges. I loved walking into the gym each night, buzzing with energy. Being in such a lively, positive environment makes you, well, alive with positivity. But mostly, I loved the physical challenge that learning a new skill provided. I can still remember the feeling of accomplishment that getting my kip for the first time gave me. I craved that feeling, there’s nothing else in the world like it.

Eventually however, I got burnt out. I broke my tailbone and I wanted to try new things. After a decade in the gym, I quit. I was able to play volleyball year round and went on to play club in college. I graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies, and have been fortunate enough to travel to Africa and throughout Europe on several occasions, developing a love for travel and adventure. It is my goal to travel to all 50 states, each of the 7 continents, all of our National Parks, and possibly space. I’ve got some work to do on the parks, continents, and space department, but I’m down to 14 remaining states!

As a gymnast I didn’t win any national titles. I didn’t go to college on an athletic scholarship, or compete any further than level 6. But the sport of gymnastics gave me so much more than titles or scholarships; I developed a love and passion for something as a child that I still carry with me today, and it is my goal as your Relationship Manager to bring that same love and passion for the sport of gymnastics to my interactions and dealings with you and your team. 

I look forward to developing a great working relationship with you!
-Adrienne Putrow

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