Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Redemption Tour: Colin Van Wicklen goes to World's

Colin Van Wicklen calls it the Redemption Tour.

Others may call his return to the mat, vault and high bar a comeback.

Soon the only thing Collin hopes to be called is a World Champion.

A year ago, Colin was a 2017 World Team alternate and forced to watch as his teammates compete in the 2017 World Championships. Being on the sidelines wasn’t easy for a 12-time-All-American, who was an integral part of three National Championship teams at the University of Oklahoma.

Colin had just completed an incredible collegiate career at Oklahoma. As a senior captain in 2017, he led the Sooners to a record third-straight NCAA Championship and was the NCAA floor silver medalist.

Colin, the 2016 NCAA Floor Champion, was just getting started. When his collegiate career concluded he headed back to Texas and began training at Cypress Gymnastics Academy. He was off to a great start, winning the 2017 All-Around title at the Valeri Liukin Invitation. He began to build on his success and was inching closer to his dream of making the World Team. But the rigors of the sport stalled his dream, as he suffered an ankle injury just days before the Winter Cup competition.

Down, but not out, Colin worked through rehab and when cleared by his doctor, he made it his mission to come back stronger and better than ever.

First gymnast in the gym, last gymnast in the gym – every single day. That was Colin’s motto.

“Going to Worlds last year as a backup (alternate) definitely motivated me,” said Colin. 

“I worked hard and continued to pursue my goal.”

His hard work and determination paid-off, he came back stronger than ever.

Since Colin was eight years old he has been chasing his dream of representing the United States at both the World Championship and the Olympics. He is half way there.

After medaling at the 2018 US National Championships this summer in Boston, MA, the 23 year-old no longer has to watch the World Championships from the sidelines. He is living his dream as one of five gymnasts representing the United States as a member of the 2018 World Team. Colin is in Doha, Qatar, competing in the 48th FIG Artistic Gymnastics Championship, October 25 – November 3.

“This is something I have dreamed about since I was eight years old, to hear my name called and to see how far I’ve come is a blessing.”

Colin isn’t satisfied to just be a member the team. He is determined to make an impact.

“We have a super young team,” said Colin. “I have been working hard. This is my first international competition. I am looking to hit all my routines and get on the podium. I have an opportunity to get a big score for my team on the vault. I want to show the world the new identity of the U.S. men’s team. And I want to win a World Championship medal. That has been my personal goal since I was eight years old.”

Colin is also already looking ahead to 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“As long as I continue to work hard, that goal is achievable."

During the 2018 World Championships, he will not only be representing the United States, he will be representing Alpha Factor as a brand ambassador.

“Alpha Factor is awesome,” said Colin. “Their uniforms are super popular for both women and men. I love being able to show off (their uniforms) and hope we can get other (U.S. team members) on board.”

Alpha Factor® is proud to welcome Colin as a brand ambassador. We wish him the best of luck and will continue cheering for him.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Alpha Factor hosts Fashion Show & Reception at National Congress

Alpha Factor is excited to attend the upcoming 2018 USA Gymnastics National Congress, August 9th – 11th in Providence, Rhode Island.

Visit us at booth 213 to check out our latest designs and learn about our partnership with Youth Protection Advocates in Gymnastics (Y.P.A.G.), a non-profit organization dedicated to building empowered gymnastics communities to keep youth happy, healthy and safe. Alpha Factor is the first visionary sponsor of Y.P.A.G., which provides support, education and resources for those in need of help and healing to keep athletes, their families and coaches happy, healthy and safe in all gymnastics related environments. A portion of the sales of every Alpha Factor® leotard order is donated to Y.P.A.G. Learn more about Y.P.A.G. and how you can get involved at

Don’t miss these exclusive show offers:

  • Use our virtual design tool on site to design your next team leo and receive 15% off your competitive order
  • Earn FREE merchandise when you place a training leotard order of $1,000 or more at our booth during the event

Stop by our booth on Friday, August 10 from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM to meet Shannon Miller and shop her fitness collection, Salto® by Shannon Miller.

Plus, coaches, gym owners and influencers attending the USA Gymnastics National Congress, you’re invited to join Alpha Factor at our cocktail reception and fashion show on Friday, August 10th 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM at Aqua inside Marriott in the heart of downtown Providence. Come sip on a signature cocktail, and view the latest Alpha Factor designs, and meet Pixie Dust – custom gym apparel and jewelry company. National Congress attendees will be offered specials and so much more!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Real Routine: Trent Jarrett - Gymnast to Ninja

Overcoming obstacles is nothing new for Trent Jarrett, former Division I gymnast for the University of Illinois at Chicago and American Ninja Warrior competitor.  Diagnosed with dyslexia and a hearing impairment as a child, Trent proved that no matter what obstacles face you in life, you can overcome them.  We were truly inspired by Trent's story, and we think you will be too!

Tell us a little about your early life, discovering your dyslexia and hearing impairment?
By kindergarten we had discovered my hearing impairment, though I was still struggling in school.  So, I was sent for further testing to pin-point the issue.  The diagnosis was dyslexia.  My parents were heartbroken, but they did what was best for me and made it work.  I attended Special Education classes, went to Summer School every summer, and had a different tutor every year.

When did you develop a passion for gymnastics? 
After discovering that I was deaf in my right ear, I was advised to take gymnastics to help with my balance.  I immediately fell in love!  When Atlanta held the Olympics in the summer of 1996, we had tickets to attend the Men’s Gymnastics event, it was my first time witnessing gymnastics in person, and I was HOOKED!  At age 6, I was advised to try out for the team.  So, I gave it a try and made it.  Eventually, I gave up all other sports to focus on my love for gymnastics.

How did dyslexia and a hearing impairment effect/affect your gymnastics? 
It was the perfect combination.  Since gymnastics is an individual sport, it was perfect for me.  New skills seemed daunting at first, but I knew, little by little, I would be able to learn.  My friends did not have the same patience and would often give up, I had the willpower to keep moving forward.

What helped you move past and overcome your setbacks? What advice would you give to aspiring gymnasts dealing with similar obstacles in their life?
I have a strong faith and my parents keep me grounded, humbleness is very important in my household.  Being Dyslexic and having a hearing impairment, I learned to adapt to the world around me.  I would never say I have overcome my situation, I have adapted and done my best.  My advice is to be proud of it, and own it!  It makes you very special, gives you an edge, and makes you stronger.

What inspired you to pursue coaching?  Tell us about your experience, thus far, as a coach at St. Charles Gymnastics Academy.
I want to encourage young boys to learn to love gymnastics, as much as I do.  Growing up in the South, I was coached to love the difficult skill level and appreciate the beauty of the sport.  I love being a coach at St. Charles!  It is what I am meant to do.

What was your initial American Ninja Warrior (ANW) experience like?
It was an awesome experience.  I went to the taping and I had no idea what to expect.  At that point, I had not been training for Ninja, but I was excited to be part of the program.  I was totally starstruck by all these big time Ninjas that I had watched on TV standing next to me in group meetings and photo-shoots.  What was amazing is the honest bonds in the Ninja Community.  Some of the biggest named Ninjas welcomed me into the Ninja Club.  I have made lifelong friends through this program.

What was the hardest part of tackling a new adventure like ANW?
The fear of the unknown and the natural fear of failure.  I think because I am dyslexic, I am a little more open to try new adventures.  I am used to not always succeeding my first time and thus, I am not as hard on myself.

What is the most thrilling part about ANW? How does it compare to gymnastics?
It is funny, as a dyslexic, I have to find little things to adapt to the obstacles around me.  That is what it is like being a dyslexic.  As far as ANW and gymnastics - I am a little guy for a Ninja - so, I have to rely on my little gymnastics body and do things my own way.  Sometimes in a competition I end up doing an obstacle different than anyone else - but, I am not afraid of being different.  Both sports are thrilling and both are really a battle against your own abilities.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Alpha Factor Olympic History Timeline

Alpha Factor is proud to have a long history of outfitting and supplying leotards for Olympic teams around the world! We were feeling a bit nostalgic as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the '96 games and anticipate the start of the 2016 games, so we pulled out our scrap book and took a look at our own Olympic "journey"!

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Alpha Factor is the official manufacturer for Reebok, the sponsor of the USA Gymnastics team. The magnificent seven won the first USA women’s Olympic team gold medal.

Sydney, Australia

Alpha Factor manufacturers the Russia Gymnastics team leotards for Reebok. Svetlana Khorkina who won first place on women’s uneven bars and second place on floor.

Athens, Greece

Alpha Factor continues to proudly manufacture for Reebok, the sponsor of the Russian, Korean and Poland men and women’s Olympic teams. Svetlana Khorkina, silver medalist from Russia, wore Alpha Factor in her individual routine.
Beijing, China

Alpha Factor worked with the Canadian Gymnastics Federation for several years and was excited to outfit the team that went to the Olympics to compete. Their Trampoline and Tumbling team was included in the Olympics, and athlete Karen Cockburn won a silver medal on the individual event.
London, England

Alpha Factor was contacted by the Russian Gymnastics team to outfit their women’s Olympic team. The Russian women’s team won silver in women’s team competition. Russia’s Aliya Mustafina placed gold on women’s individual bars. Russia's Viktoria Komova won the silver at the women’s artistic all around.

Also at the 2012 Olympics, individual athlete Andrea Lenders from Netherlands competed in the Trampoline events, and was 13th at qualifications.

Rio, Brazil

Alpha Factor is pleased that Adidas chose us to manufacture the apparel for the Australian Olympic team. While the teams did not qualify, individual athletes Larrissa Miller, artistic, and Blake Guadry, trampoline, will be competing in Rio.

Keep an eye out for the French men’s gymnastics team, also wearing team uniforms produced by Alpha Factor!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Alpha Factor Announces International Brand Ambassador Program

National German Gymnast Joins Alpha Factor as an Official Brand Ambassador

YORK, PA -- Alpha Factor, a division of Perform Group, LLC. is pleased to announce the launch of its International Brand Ambassador program. The program will recognize top gymnasts from around the world and allow them to share through various social media, marketing and advertising campaigns the apparel they wear to train and compete with confidence.  The first program participant is German National Gymnastics team member Carina Kröll.  Carina is a gymnast on the German National WAG-Team and trains at the Kunstturn-Forum in Stuttgart.

 “We are so excited to have Carina join our brand ambassador team and represent Alpha Factor in Europe.  Her passion, confidence and commitment to gymnastics are truly inspirational. We look forward to helping Carina share her journey as a gymnast and wish her continued success in her career,” said Sara Murphy, Director of Marketing and Design at Perform Group, LLC.

Alpha Factor continues to expand its brand presence in Europe by creating strong relationships with clubs and gymnasts.  Alpha Factor will be attending the European Championships in Bern, Switzerland at the end of May.
To learn more about becoming an International Brand Ambassador, contact us at

About Alpha Factor
For over 35 years, Alpha Factor has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of gymnastics apparel around the world. With a mission to integrate cutting edge style, superior quality, and reliable fit into every leotard and warm-up, Alpha Factor has been the trusted apparel supplier for Olympic teams, national collegiate teams and gymnasts of all levels. Long recognized for, innovative and unique designs, Alpha Factor creates beautiful, custom garments that not only stand out, but also stand the test of time.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Alpha Factor Gymnastics Unites Competitive and Training Apparel Under One Brand Name

YORK, Pa. – March 22, 2016 – Alpha Factor Gymnastics, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of gymnastics apparel, is integrating the Aerials by Alpha Factor training apparel line with the competitive apparel line under the same brand name: Alpha Factor. With this new structure, gymnasts can now compete and train with confidence. Alpha Factor Gymnastics will continue to share the best products and most reliable service to gymnasts around the globe.

“We are excited to offer competition and training apparel under one brand name,” said Tighe King, CEO, Alpha Factor. “For years, we’ve had the same quality and commitment to service in our training, as well as our competitive, apparel. So, this merger will level the playing field and unite our products. Customers can continue to expect the same great styling, prices, quality and service for both competitive and training apparel.”

King added, “This change is to reinforce the brand name for clearer recognition, which will simplify the purchasing process for all of our customers. It also allows us to further advance the Alpha Factor brand through innovative products and services.”

Alpha Factor was the exclusive designer and manufacturer for Reebok, the official apparel supplier of the 1996 women’s Olympic gymnastics team. This Olympic year marks the twentieth anniversary of the US Gold medal win, and Alpha Factor will be celebrating with its redefined brand leading up to the 2016 summer Olympics, starting with the launch of its new Spring catalogue in March. A newly designed website will debut later in the year, alongside digital media campaigns and promotions.

About Alpha Factor
For over 30 years, Alpha Factor has been one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of gymnastics apparel around the world. With a mission to integrate cutting edge style, superior quality, and reliable service, the brand has been the trusted apparel supplier for Olympic teams, national collegiate teams and gymnasts of all levels. Long recognized for innovative and unique designs, Alpha Factor creates beautiful, custom garments that not only stand out, but also stand the test of time.  To learn more visit 

About Perform Group
Perform Group, LLC® (Perform Group) is proud to be a leader in providing high quality performance apparel primarily for the global markets of dance and gymnastics since 1969. Headquartered in York PA, Perform Group designs, markets and manufactures apparel worn by over a million athletes and performers around the globe each year and its garments have been seen worldwide in high profile events for decades. To learn more visit

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Alpha Factor Named Official Apparel Sponsor of the DTL German Gymnastics team DEUTSCHE TURNLIGA

YORK, Pa. – Alpha Factor®, a division of Perform Group, LLC, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the DTL German Gymnastics team DEUTSCHE TURNLIGA.  Alpha Factor will outfit the team of twenty athletes, including ten male and ten female gymnasts, as well as the coaches for the 2016 and 2017 season.

Athletes and coaches will be wearing Alpha Factor apparel during the National Team Cup competition in Stuttgart, Germany this March, a competition which is considered the official start of the gymnastics season in the country.

This announcement follows Alpha Factor’s February launch of a new Global Gymnastics Collection in Europe.

“We’re proud to be a part of the performances of these twenty athletes and the journeys of their coaches. Alpha Factor is excited to build strong relationships with teams in Germany,” said Tighe King, CEO, Alpha Factor.

Alpha Factor supports the growth of gymnastics across the globe and looks forward to similar partnerships.

About Alpha Factor
For over 30 years, Alpha Factor has been one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of gymnastics apparel around the world. With a mission to integrate cutting edge style, superior quality, and reliable service, Alpha Factor has been the trusted apparel supplier for Olympic teams, national collegiate teams and gymnasts of all levels. Long recognized for innovative and unique designs, Alpha Factor creates beautiful, custom garments that not only stand out, but also stand the test of time.  To learn more visit