Thursday, August 6, 2015

Alpha Factor and Shannon Miller Announce Exclusive Partnership

America’s Most Decorated Gymnast Launching New Fitness and Gymnastics Leotard Line This Fall

YORK, PA -- Alpha Factor, a division of Perform Group, LLC. and Shannon Miller, the most decorated gymnast in United States history, have teamed up to create a new line of gymnastics and fitness apparel. This revolutionary line combines the latest innovation in performance fabrics and construction techniques with cutting edge fashion details.  “It's time for a line of gymnastics and fitness apparel that embodies the strength and endurance we need to compete both on and off the gymnastics floor.  I am thrilled to join Alpha Factor in creating this new line.  We all need apparel that inspires us to move and provides the performance features athletes need to feel confident and dream big," says Shannon about the new collection.

The new Shannon Miller line is sold exclusively through Alpha Factor, and the initial collection will be available for sale at the end of September 2015 in time for the Holiday season.  Line preview and pre-season sales will be taken during National Congress in Indianapolis August 12 – 15, 2015.
“We are so excited to work with Shannon on this new brand. Her experience as an athlete and fitness advocate bring fresh insight and perspective to the Alpha Factor team.  Together we have developed high quality garments that will exceed the expectations of the market.” states Sara Murphy, Director of Marketing and Design at Perform Group, LLC.

The full Shannon Miller Collection is expected to be unveiled at the end of September. It’s Time.

About Alpha Factor
For over 30 years, Alpha Factor has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of gymnastics apparel around the world. With a mission to integrate cutting edge style, superior quality, and reliable fit into every leotard and warm-up, Alpha Factor has been the trusted apparel supplier for Olympic teams, national collegiate teams and gymnasts of all levels. Long recognized for, innovative and unique designs, Alpha Factor creates beautiful, custom garments that not only stand out, but also stand the test of time.  To learn more visit

About Shannon Miller and Shannon Miller Lifestyle
Shannon Miller remains the Most Decorated American Gymnast, male or female, in history with seven Olympic medals (two gold, two silver, and three bronze) and 9 World Championship medals (over half of them gold). After retiring from Olympic competition, Shannon completed her undergraduate degrees in marketing and entrepreneurship from the University of Houston and received her law degree from Boston College Law School. Now President of Shannon Miller Lifestyle, a company focused on helping women make their health a priority, Shannon continues to inspire and motivate others. In addition to a content-based website and strategic partnerships, Shannon furthers the message of a healthy and fit lifestyle as a professional speaker, author, and host of her weekly health radio show. In addition, Shannon is the President of her foundation dedicated to fighting childhood obesity. Shannon remains involved with the sport of gymnastics through commentary and analysis most recently with Yahoo! Sports. To learn more, visit

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2016 Competitive Collection - NOW AVAILABLE!

2015-2016 Alpha Factor
Competitive Catalog
The wait is over! Alpha Factor’s 2015/2016 competitive line is now available, and we believe that you’ll be just as excited about it as we are. Dream big, work hard, stay focused, and rest assured that we’ve got your back. When you choose Alpha Factor, you’re choosing to surround yourself with a strong team- people that share a common desire to work together and achieve great results. We believe in you and are committed to your success.

We believe you deserve options, which is why we offer reasonably priced styles to fit every budget. We’ve added new crystal options, expanded our fabric choices, and have redesigned our price list, offering you easy to decipher Standard and Swarovski Crystal options for every style. In addition, we’re excited to announce the return of our high performance men’s special order garments! Look for our Men’s collection, available online soon!

As always, we are committed to shipping on-time, every time, and continue to offer the industry’s quickest ship dates and on-time delivery. At Alpha Factor there are no hidden fees, and we stand behind our promises so that you can stay focused on your team and compete with confidence.

The new catalog is in the mail! In the meantime, view the digital version of the 2015/2016 competitive catalog here, and contact your Relationship Manager today to get started with your order!  If you do not have a Relationship Manager in your area, please contact customer service at 800-825-7428. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Planning Ahead for Your Summer Camp? Plan on Buying With Confidence!

Spring has arrived and if you’re like many gym owners and coaches you’re starting to gear up for summer. The sun will shine, school will be out and with that comes campers! Whether you’re planning a special week-long team event, thinking about your recreational campers, or just want to offer some new and refreshing styles to your customers, Aerials by Alpha Factor’s Buy With Confidence Program is a risk free, no money down option for you to maximize your profits this summer. You choose the styles you’d like to receive (or your Relationship Manager is more than happy to do it for you), keep the items in your pro-shop for 60 days, and send back any unsold items at the end of your term. It’s as easy as that!

Our 2015 Camp collection will be available the first week of May. In the meantime, check out our styles online and contact your regional Relationship Manager to get started today!

Region 1: Tia Orlando
(714) 887-3552

Region 5: Shelby Prunty
(615) 651-2477

Region 7: Danielle Blasser
(717) 472-1695

Region 8: Adrienne Putrow
(706) 224-5914

If you don’t have a Relationship Manager in your area – don’t worry! Contact customer service today to get started at 800-825-7428!

In addition to giving your pro-shop a boost this summer, Alpha Factor’s Gym ID line is a great way to give summer camp participants customized apparel. Whether its tank tops or leotards, our new glitz options and color choices are sure to be a hit! Look for the 2015/2016 catalog which will be available early May.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Compelling Vision with Focus on Community, “In the Spotlight” with Discover Gymnastics of Houston, TX

Opened in 1999, Discover Gymnastics currently serves over 2,000 students each week in their 22,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility located in Houston, TX. With classes for children 6 weeks to 18 years of age, Discover offers programs for the beginner gymnast through level 10 competitive, as well as a homeschool program for their competitive athletes. Carly Markesich, the owner of Discover emphasizes that their main focus is to offer a quality experience to all those they serve. Built on a foundation of quality driven organization, each program is designed to enhance the lives of their employees, students, customers, and the community.

The most notable of Discover’s community endeavors is their “Discover Fitness Foundation” or DFF, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that awards athletic scholarships to children with special needs, children fighting obesity, and families with financial struggles. The scholarships awarded allow children to experience both recreational and competitive gymnastics, and currently provides over 200 athletes in 7 locations a fulfilling, character building activity they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. In addition to DFF, Discover takes pride in hosting the Texas Classic and the Svetlana Boginskaya Invitational each year.

When asked what sets them apart, Carly emphasized that Discover has the most incredible staff, and by investing in their professional development they are able to provide them with meaningful, engaging work. Discover offers a compelling vision for the future, and everyone involved works towards the common goal of providing quality in everything they do. Space is currently their largest challenge, but they are designing a brand new dream facility, and are looking forward to its opening in 2018!

To learn more about Discover Gymnastics, visit their website at

Photo courtesy of Discover Gymnastics

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Merchandising at Your Events: Revenue Without the Risk!

The 2015 competition season is in full swing, and if you’re like many gyms across the country you’re hosting at least one event this year. Don’t overlook the opportunity to offer gymnasts and their families the convenience and value of quality, affordable leotards and apparel, as well as bring in some additional revenue for your gym! Meets are an excellent time to have products available for guests to purchase, and during the down times they’ll appreciate having interesting and innovative items to browse through. Not to mention, smaller gift items can provide an excellent opportunity for friends and family to quickly select a gift as a way to say “great job!” to the gymnast they came to support.

The key to having a successful sale is to not only provide a wide range of attractive items for customers to choose from, but to also display them effectively. It doesn’t take a lot of time, effort or expense to showcase the items you have for sale in an attractive and easy-to-access manner. Consider some of the following “dos and don’ts” we’ve learned over the years:
  • Do use inexpensive clothing racks and hangers to make it easy for visitors to see and browse through the items you have for sale. 
  • Don’t leave sale or clearance items in a box for visitors to browse through. This requires too much effort for shoppers and it doesn’t showcase items to their full potential.
  • Do consider special pricing to encourage purchases: “Buy one item, get the second for ½ off,” or “Buy a leotard and get a free hair twist” are great ways to increase sales.
  • Don’t try and cram too much into a space that’s too small! It shouldn’t be difficult for multiple browsers to access the items at the same time. Think about creating a logical traffic flow with ample room for your customers to move and interact with the items you have for sale.
  • Do pair items together to maximize your profits. If a leotard has a matching pair of colorful shorts, or a sweatshirt has a matching pair of yoga pants, make sure to showcase both items together for your customers to see.
  • Don’t hide the prices! “How much does it cost?” is often a shopper’s first question.
  • Do let them try before they buy. Locker rooms and bathrooms can serve as fitting rooms; make sure visitors know where they are and that they’re welcome to use them to check out fit and function.
  • Don’t worry that your products won’t sell! Alpha Factor’s “Buy With Confidence” event package program takes the risk out of offering a wide array of merchandise to entice your visitors. If the products you offer don’t sell, simply return them to us at no additional cost, there’s no risk to you! It’s a great way to find out what most appeals to your customers—and to add some additional revenue to your bottom line.

As you gear up and prepare for the 2015 season, make sure to think about the kinds of merchandise you might want to offer at the events you’ll be hosting, and consider our Aerials by Alpha Factor and adidas Gymnastics lines. Both offer stylish, trendy designs, a superior quality and fit, our exclusive 4-way stretch fabrics, and are sure to be a hit at your next event! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Aspire, Achieve, Repeat… “In the Spotlight” with Legacy Gymnastics Center of Maitland, FL

Legacy Gymnastics, Maitland, Florida

Author: Adrienne Putrow

The words “Aspire, Achieve, Repeat…” greet you as you turn into the parking lot of Legacy Gymnastics Center in Maitland, FL, and eight years ago Lisa Winstead set out to do just that. Aimed at providing a positive, competitive environment for Central Florida gymnasts, she wanted to prove that you don’t have to use fear, intimidation, and belittling to succeed. “My first love was basketball” says Lisa, who coached a junior high girls’ team before transitioning in to the world of gymnastics. Bringing her children to basketball practice she realized that despite her best efforts, they would rather do cartwheels on the sidelines than dribble a ball. Over the years she saw them excel as athletes, but was dissatisfied with the environment in which they did so. It was then that she set out to provide a nurturing, compassionate place for children to succeed not only as gymnasts but also in life.

It hasn’t always been easy, and according to Lisa she couldn’t have picked a worse time to open a business.  “I signed my lease October of 2007 during one of the worst economic downturns in our nation’s history”, but she stuck it out, and luckily things turned around. By implementing a positive coaching style and uplifting environment for gymnasts and their families, Legacy has been successful since its opening in 2007. Evidence to the fact that they boast a large recreation program, a competitive team ranging from Xcel Bronze through level 9, and now offer a newly founded aerial arts program, Legacy’s motto to “Aspire, Achieve, Repeat…” is clear throughout all of its programs.

While they have earned various team and individual awards, the accomplishments that the staff are most proud of don’t involve medals or scores. “The kids who wouldn’t necessarily have an opportunity to succeed competitively at other gyms, the kids who struggle but are given a chance, when these kids rise above and surprise you, that’s what drives us to keep doing what we’re doing” says Lisa.

In addition to the positive coaching, family atmosphere, and competitive environment, Lisa says that providing her staff with full time opportunities is a major part of their success. “I have a huge payroll. I overpay my staff, and a lot of them are full time who don’t necessarily need to be but I want to keep them here and I want to keep them happy.” This is apparent when you consider that many of Legacy’s staff members have been there for years. “Finding good coaches and staying on the same page is always a struggle. We all try and stay focused on knowing each other’s heart. We try and work on communicating well with one another as well as with the gymnasts” she says.

Her biggest piece of advice to new gym owners? “This is a tough business to get into. Have deep pockets, and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.” Coaching an all-around champion or truly phenomenal gymnast is few and far between, but you can succeed if you realize that it’s about more than that; gymnastics is an opportunity to aspire to be great, work hard to achieve your goals, and repeat it all over again with each new challenge you face, both in and out of the gym.