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About Me: Tia Orlando - Region 1 Alpha Factor Relationship Manager

Tia Orlando Alpha Factor Relationship Manager
Tia Orlando
Alpha Factor Relationship Manager
Region 1
At the age of 2 I started dancing at my mother’s studio, Pennsport School of Dance, located in South Philadelphia. I absolutely loved it, until we started incorporating gymnastics into the class and realized that I no longer wanted to be a ballerina, I wanted to be a gymnast. At the age of 3 my parents brought me to a gym in New Jersey called Cherry Hill Gymnastics, and I became absolutely obsessed with the sport. Competing in level 5 was not what I had hoped for however, and I was not this superstar I imagined myself to be. I was lucky to even receive a medal, but I still craved and loved competing. The summer of 1998 I attended a gymnastics camp in Allentown, Pennsylvania at Parkettes Gymnastics and it was there that my Olympic dream was born.

I was 10 years old, and when I returned home from camp I sat down with my parents and let them know that I had to train at Parkettes. If that meant moving to Pennsylvania, then that is what I had to do. Deep down I knew I could make the Olympic Team if I just got the opportunity. After many discussions, I packed my bags and moved to Pennsylvania with my grandmother. Eventually, my parents wanted the family to be together, and so they uprooted my sister and brother and moved to Pennsylvania so I could follow my dream.

Once at Parkettes, I moved up the ranks quickly, and before I knew it I was a home-schooled, elite gymnast on the National Team. I competed for the USA from 2000- 2004, and traveled the world. I brought home medals, and was even congratulated by the President for helping the team win gold in Santo Domingo. My Olympic dream was shattered in 2004 when I broke my foot at Olympic Trials, and I realized that all the years of hard work had come to an end. I sometimes still wonder what my life would be like if I had been able to compete in the 2004 Olympics, but I know through my beliefs there was a different path laid out for me.

I continued on to compete for Arizona State University and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in communication. I sit here now as working professional and know that gymnastics gave me so much more than my medals, it made me the person I am today. I still have fans let me know that I have made an impact on their daughter’s lives, and that is something that means the world to me. As your Relationship Manager I not only want to help create the perfect leotard for you and your team, but I also strive to share the love of the sport with you and your athletes. 

I look forward to working with you!
- Tia Orlando

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